Trio jailed for killing the wrong person

    Trio jailed for killing the wrong person

    Photo from the BBC

    Introduction and Facts

    Last November (2015) 16 year old Lewis Dunne was shot in the back in Liverpool, and sadly died.

    The background to this attack seem to have been gang rivalry. It seems that four members of one gang had had a clash with the other, that other group including a curly haired man.

    Later that evening the group of four, that included 26 year old Jake Culshaw and brothers John (aged 20) and Paul (26) Martin, saw Lewis Dunne out and about and, unfortunately, mistook him for the gang member that they had an altercation with.

    One of the group fired a shotgun in Mr Dunne’s back which, despite the attempts of a member of the public to give first aid, killed him.

    Mr Culshaw and the Martin brothers were arrested and found guilty of the murder on 16th November 2016.



    That day they were sentenced to life imprisonment (actually, John Martin would have been sentenced to detention for life as he was aged under 21).

    The Judge had to decide what ‘tariff’ was to be set (see here for more information on this). In this case, because it involved a shotgun, we would have expected a starting point of 30 years

    This is exactly what Mr Culshaw and Paul Martin got. John Martin, presumably because he was younger, received a tariff of 28 years.

    Although these are long sentences, they are very much in line with what we would except, if anything it could have been longer. For that reason we would not expect an appeal to be successful.