Stealing from your employer? Don't call yourself "mybossisanumpty" and sell your wares...

Stealing from your employer? Don't call yourself "mybossisanumpty" and sell your wares on Ebay


Who could resist a story about a thieving employee who got caught? Well, the Daily Mail and UKCriminalLawBlog certainly couldn’t. Enter “mybossisanumpty”. A surprising Ebay name you might think, particularly if the owner of said name is selling off goods allegedly to have been stolen from his employer.

This item, sold on eBay, is one of several which an employee stole from hardware retailer Norman Precision

Investigations are still ongoing but we’re told that a number of stolen items belonging to hardware retailer Norman Precision have been found being sold on Ebay by mybossisanumpty.

An officer dealing with the investigation is purported to have confirmed that on 16th August a 54 year-old man from Stroud was arrested on suspicion of theft and has been bailed until 4th October pending further enquiries.

It’s said that the sales have been ongoing for over two years, with mybossisanumpty receiving excellent feedback from buyers.

If the matter does get to Court we’ll update this post. In the meantime; you have been warned. This is how not to steal from your employer.

The Daily Mail article is here. Unfortunately there are no comments from angry readers as of yet, but it’s only a matter of time.
The author of this post is self-employed and admits regularly stealing pens from her home study to use in her kitchen. She is yet to progress to Ebay selling.