‘Slurry pervert’ David Truscott given interim hospital order

‘Slurry pervert’ David Truscott given interim hospital order


Truscott, David

In May of this year, David Truscott admitted threatening to kill a farmer who had banned him from his land.  Our write up of that element of the case can be seen here.

The basic history is that Mr Truscott has a particular penchant for rolling around in slurry whilst sexually pleasuring himself. In doing so he had, over a lengthy period of time, engaged in a course of harassment against the farmer in question. He was made subject to a restraining order – an order which prohibits an individual from doing particular acts, going to particular places or contacting particular people – which he subsequently breached. Twice. He was imprisoned for both breaches (2006 and 2011).

The BBC News report is available here.

So, where are we now? Well he has, we understand, pleaded to making a threat to kill (against the farmer) and another offence in relation to the farm property. He is yet to be sentenced.

In May, the Judge said:

“His conduct is bizarre and raises the question of whether he is a dangerous offender. I would like to see a psychiatric report that addresses dangerousness.”

“I have read the letter from the multi agency protection coordinator and it is clear there needs to be a psychiatric report, at least one, if not two.”

Interim Hospital Order

He has now (June 24) been made subject to an interim hospital order.

An interim hospital order has a maximum length of 12 weeks and enables medical practitioners to assess the offender before a final disposal – the sentence.

It can only be made where a person has been convicted of an offence punishable with imprisonment, the offender is suffering from a mental disorder and a hospital order is thought to be appropriate, the court may make an interim hospital order.

It may be that Mr Truscott will be made subject to a (full) hospital order however that will be contingent on the assessment made in the next 12 weeks. We will return to the story when it undoubtedly features in the news in a couple of months time.