Skull cracker "accomplice" gets 12 months

    Skull cracker "accomplice" gets 12 months


    Earlier in the year we covered the case of the delightfully named “skull cracker” and his escape and subsequent armed robbery of a bank, making off with £18,000. Here, we covered his inevitable life sentence.

    So, on 20 August 2014, we picked up a news story that Kevin Perry, 53, had pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and had been sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment. 

    By his plea, it seems he accepted helping “skull cracker” Michael Wheatley, but pleaded not guilty to assisting an offender. He also pleaded guilty to a (presumably unrelated) count of handling stolen goods. We aren’t aware of the exact conduct which was said to have perverted the course of justice, and so an assessment of the sentence is very difficult. What we do know is that he received 12 months, that the judge will have been mindful of the principle of totality when also sentencing for the handling offence (so as not to make the overall total disproportionate to the overall offending) and that perverting the course of justice almost always ends up with an immediate custodial sentence. With a sentence of 12 months, a starting point of around 18 months is likely to have been taken, subject to a) how the sentence was made up (whether the handling sentence was made consecutive or concurrent) and b) the judge’s view as to the evidence (as where a case is overwhelming, a judge does not need to give the full 1/3 discount for pleading guilty).

    Slightly more information is available here.