Raza Laskar – Doctor gets 7 years for child sex offences

Raza Laskar – Doctor gets 7 years for child sex offences



Raza Laskar, a junior doctor working in paediatrics, pleaded was sentenced to seven years in prison on 10th March having pleaded guilty to 31 offences last year.



Dr Laskar’s house was searched last year, when the police noticed that 1,605 files containing images of child abuse were uploaded from a computer at his house. In total, there were more than 1,200,000 illegal images on Dr Laskar’s computer – a vast amount.

It seems that there were also videos of him “engaging in sexual acts with a child who had been taken in a hotel room he had booked“, although we do not know what acts, how often, and who the victims were (although we are told that the youngest was aged 12). Additionally, he incited boys to do illegal acts.

None of the illegality was work related.



There are Sentencing Guidelines, but in the absence of any details of what the images were, and what the assaults were, it is very difficult to give any sensible commentary on the sentence.

There was full credit for the plea of guilty, so this gives a starting point of 10-11 years after a trial. As stated, we don’t have the full details, but all I would say is that this seems quite a low sentence. There were a huge number of images, and it was not merely possession, but also creation and distribution. Further, it seems that these were images that would probably be Category 1.

That alone would be enough for a sentence of a number of years. Adding in the other abuse, and a longer sentence would not have surprised me. We will have to see if there is an appeal or an AG Reference for more details.

Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.