Oxfam Fraud officer pleads guilty to, er fraud (Edward McKenzie-Green)

Oxfam Fraud officer pleads guilty to, er fraud (Edward McKenzie-Green)



It’s all a bit awkward when your counter-fraud officer gets hauled before the beaks (in the case actually, the Old Bailey) for fraud offences.

Edward McKenzie-Green was the head of counter-fraud. The total amount was £62,857.58 that was taken in the year from April 2011, this was achieved by the creation of payments to fictitious companies controlled by Mr McKenzie-Green.

From reading the news reports, it appear that there is quite a lot of mitigation for when Mr McKenzie-Green is sentenced on 16th May. What will he get?

Although the offences are charged under the Fraud Act, the relevant guidelines are those under the Theft Act (theft in breach of trust). I would have thought that this was a ‘high degree of trust’ given the nature of his job.

There was a plea of guilty but, judging by the time when Mr McKenzie-Green was arrested this would have been very near, if not at, the day of trial, so only a small amount of credit will be available.

On that basis (looking at the table on page 11) it would appear that the starting point would be just over three years because of the amount involved, taking it back down to three years after the plea of guilty is taken into account. This is above the length that could be suspended, but it may be that once all the mitigation is put forward the sentence will be lower than that. We will bookmark it to come back to when he is sentenced.

Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.