Neil Masterson pleads guilty to attacking George Galloway

Neil Masterson pleads guilty to attacking George Galloway


George Galloway is not a man who inspires ambivalence in anyone. On 29th August 2014 one man, Neil Masterson, took his opposition to the Bradford MP a bit too far and attacked him.

We can say that because on 15th September Mr Masterson pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Galloway. We think that this is ABH, but not a hundred per cent sure.

We can’t say too much more however, as Mr Masterson has pleaded not guilty to this offence being ‘religiously aggravated’ and there will be a trial in November on this part. We will come back when that has happened.

Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.


  1. Let’s just call it bad religous etiquette eh George
    what’s that you say George”no”
    well we all know what that means don’t we *winks*

  2. I think, perhaps, you meant indifference rather than ambivalence. I would imagine George Galloway inspires a lot of ambivalence on the left being an awful man, who is occasionally on the right side of an argument.