Naked Rambler loses in the Court of Appeal

Naked Rambler loses in the Court of Appeal



We have looked at the case of Stephen Gough, the ‘Naked Rambler’ on several occasions. On 9th June 2015 he was back in the new, and back in Court, appealing his conviction and 2½ year sentence for ‘the usual’ from last year.


Grounds of Appeal

We don’t know exactly, but at least one ground relates to whether or not the Court was entitled to refuse to allow him into the Courtroom ‘au natural‘, at least without giving consideration to other ways of accommodating him (such as by video link, which is how he appeared today).

We will come back to this if the judgment is published. We do know, however, that he was represented by Matthew Scott, so we will hopefully we kept up to date with this.

Matthew wrote about the case last year (before he was instructed), which is well worth a read.


What next for Mr Gough?

I would imagine more porridge. He’ll be released in a few months, refuse to wear clothes, get re-arrested and prosecuted, and so the cycle goes on. Very depressing.

There has to be a better (and much cheaper) way of dealing with the problem presented by Mr Gough, if indeed there is a problem …

Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.


  1. do have some sympathy for Mr Gough however I do feel that he brings some of this on himself by his complete unwillingness to compromise.

    I watched a documentary about him and the interviewer warned him he was about to walk past a primary school at closing time. There were a lot of little boys and girls about. He point blank refused to change his route and insisted on walking past the school and children. He was then arrested. This could have been avoided by changing his route.

    It appears to be that he is deliberately trying to wind people up.