Michael Shrimpton, barrister and part-time Judge, convicted of bomb hoax

Michael Shrimpton, barrister and part-time Judge, convicted of bomb hoax



It’s very unusual for a part-time Judge to go to prison (not unheard of though). On 25th November 2014 Michael Shrimpton a barrister who has previously sat as a part-time Immigration Judge, took a step closer to joining that illustrious club when he was convicted at Southwark Crown Court of 2 counts of making a bomb hoax.

Sentence has been adjourned until 6th February 2015, with the Judge directing a psychiatric report be prepared on Mr Shrimpton



The case is a bizarre and strange one, as can be seen by his claim that “German spies were plotting to target the Queen with a nuclear warhead at the London Olympics“. The two counts related to when he told “a close colleague of former Defence Secretary Philip Hammond that a nuclear device was planted in a hospital in east London.” The second count related to the next day when “he telephoned the offices of David Lidington MP and repeated” his claim about their being a nuclear bomb near the Olympic site.

Mr Shrimpton has made a variety of claims that, had they not come from someone who seemed quite an ‘establishment’ figure, would probably have been dismissed out of hand. For example, in evidence he said “I admit that the stuff I deal with is bound to sound strange, high falutin’, incredible and fantastic. It’s my world, welcome to my world.”

We won’t repeat it all here, but the full details are worth a read. In a (possibly unwise) bid for open justice, Mr Shrimpton has published his defence statement. This also includes the line of questioning that he would be following in cross-examination.


What’s the offence?

It is (we assume) the offence under s51(2) Criminal Law Act 1977 of communicating a bomb hoax – “A person who communicates any information which he knows or believes to be false to another person with the intention of inducing in him or any other person a false belief that a bomb or other thing liable to explode or ignite is present in any place or location whatever is guilty of an offence.

The maximum sentence is 7 years in prison. There are no guidelines, or guideline cases, but the CPS website has an overview of the aggravating and mitigating features and suggest that there is normally a custodial sentence of 1-4 years.

We would not necessarily agree with that – it is the sort of case where sentences can vary wildly and are very fact specific. Especially so given that there are often mental health issues associated with people who commit this offence.


Is Mr Shrimpton still a barrister?

Seemingly so, looking at the Bar Directory. This is confirmed by the Bar Standards Board. Interestingly, for those that are aware of what QASA is, Mr Shrimpton is one of the very few barristers who have signed up to the scheme (giving himself top marks as a Level 4 advocate).

It seems that there is no record of any disciplinary hearings. This is slightly strange as the Daily Mirror reports that “Shrimpton holds one previous conviction for possession of indecent images of children. A memory stick was found in his house search containing the vile pictures and has been the subject of separate proceedings at magistrates’ court“.

If that is so, then there would have been a disciplinary hearing. The BSB only has findings going back to 2002, but it’s unlikely that there would have been a memory stick before that date.

In any event, it seems that this was from 2012 (again though, it’s a bit confusing). Mr Shrimpton denies the offence, saying that “secret service agents planted child porn on his computer memory stick in a plot to discredit him“.

It seems fairly clear that he is not sitting as a Judge anymore, although there is no record on the Judicial Conduct Investigation Office website that has disciplinary findings going back to 2009.

So. We are none the wiser, but it likely that a disciplinary hearing will be commenced at some point. After all this, it is certain that he won’t be a Judge again, and very likely that he won’t be practicing as a barrister again anytime soon.

Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.


  1. I imagine his paedo credentials will be of far more interest to the Crazies he’s been involved with over the last years.

    “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces. ”

    Sermon on the Mount…. allegedly…

  2. The entire establishment of this sad little postage stamp of a ‘country’ is mired in filth. Deliberately smearing (with more of the filth that is their only stock in trade), otherwise discrediting, or now and again assassinating anyone of influence, who attempts to speak the truth of this, long established reality. This has so long been the established standard practice, that I frankly doubt there is a single ‘establishment’ judge, or front-line ‘politician’ who would now recognise the REAL truth if it jumped up in public and spat in their eye. The inconvenient fact of the matter, whether anyone likes it or not, is that ‘conspiracies’ are recurring facts of history (and those are just the mostly unsuccessful ones the deliberately disinterested, dumbed-down and distracted public gets to learn about). The term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was invented by the CIA with the deliberate intention of discrediting anyone expressing (perfectly reasonable) doubts concerning the improbable ‘lone gunman’ explanation of the Kennedy assassination. Dr Goebbels lesson regarding telling big enough lies for long enough that the majority of ‘the people’ come to believe them, has been taken to heart by every ‘mainstream’ propaganda organ ever since. The now daily observable, otherwise unlikely fact of seeing and hearing every ‘mainstream’ so-called ‘news’paper and TV ‘news’ program singing uniformly (or, more tellingly, uniformly not singing at all) from the same hymn sheet with regard to every significant national or global event or process only goes to show how deep the rot goes. The chance that ANY information of actual consequence will ever be allowed undistorted into the public arena, by the amoral sociopathic monsters who control both the judiciary AND the corrupt controlled mass media is non-trivially small enough to be unworthy of consideration.

    • Well said Stef. Anyone who has seen his oratories on Youtube and have noted the calibre of his colleagues will know this guy is the top in his field. Anyone who knows how far the bad guys will go to achieve their aims will also know real life is often stranger than fiction. Fiction that the media are fond of dishing out to the people. Anyone who writes a book 711 pages long [Spyhunter] either has a exceedingly vivid imagination or can tell it like it is. Many folk do not do the research or exercise common sense. When the official story all to often relies on incompetence it is generally accepted. I’d rather have Michael out there speaking to people to obtain HUMINT particularly at a time when certain bad guys are hoping to start a war to get themselves out of trouble or to protect their power and wealth than rely on government officials who may or may not be, or covering up for, orphan abusers.

  3. Mr Shrimpton was undoubtedly stitched up by people he trusted, so those people he hitheto trusted were part and parcel of the establishment’s criminal ring. This country has hit the very bottom now where corruption is concerned and those very people in the highest levels of power are those who are most corrupt. It may or may not come out in the wash but those criminals inside prison with him will undoubtedly get the best legal advice there is and the criminal community that love this country will undoubtedly be getting the news out that much quicker now he is inside. I am quite ure it will be very valuable experience for his next book at the very least, and maybe , just maybe, ( tongue in cheek) he will write his version of Mein Kampf.
    I could have told him myself that there is no real justice in society today nor in the very law of the land that Mike himself held dear. He was duped by his own confidence in the system, and that system saw fit to betray him because he was becoming a nuisance and an obstruction to their nefarious plans.
    He could win with this one because ; if he had not reported what he believed to be true then a serious loss of life might have happened on a grand scale. If he reports it he becomes a so called Criminal for having reported it. Oh well . we know what to do now if we hear about an attempted assassination of the Royals and the Politicians then don;t we? DO NOTHING !
    What is more important in life my friends; LOYALTY OR JUSTICE?
    Well ,Mike trusted in Justice . but justice will never be your friend nor help you when the chips are down; but Loyalty will always be your friend. After all that is what the definition of Loyalty is.
    If you live in the real world there cannot ever be TRUE JUSTICE. It is an illusion. NOT IN THIS WORLD ANYWAY. All you can do is aspire to it but it is down to you as to whether you become a true friend or not. When you are Loyal you are always true.When you are disloyal yo are always FALSE.
    That the way of the World.. EVIL against GOOD