Lavinia Woodward tries to appeal her sentence

Lavinia Woodward tries to appeal her sentence

Photo from the BBC

We looked in September at the case of Lavinia Woodward, the Oxford medical student who received a suspended sentence for stabbing her ex-boyfriend.

The sentence caused quite a lively debate, both here and generally, as to whether it was indicative of the fact that women tended to get more lenient treatment from the Courts.

Our view was that the sentence passed was “well within the range of what we would expect” and that given her personal circumstances, there were plenty of reasons to suspend the sentence.

Well, we shall find out soon what the higher courts make of it all as we found out on 7th December 2017 that Ms Woodward has lodged grounds to appeal her sentence.

It’s still early days – it seems that it is at the initial application stage – we will keep our eye on it and see what happens when it is considered.

But here’s our factsheet on how appeals in criminal cases are determined.



  1. something tells me this is not going to turn out the way her “gainfully employed” legal team have assured her it will. I bet they (legal team) cant believe their luck “Daddys paying” “cha ching – little dance round office.

  2. The brass neck of this woman is breath taking. If she is appealing against the sentence why is she doing this ? Surely she now has a criminal record whether the sentence is suspended or not. Reading between the lines it looks like something to do with impending university disciplinary action maybe ?

    I’m sure the appeal court judges will call her “fragrant” and all will be forgiven.

    I go back to my university days when the first words from our law lecturer was that we must put all common sense aside when dealing with the law. Prophetic words indeed.

    • If it was left to the sensible people then her sentence would be longer and involve prison time. Alas our judiciary sometimes fall outside this definition of sensible.

      Whatever happened to this ‘5 years extra for carrying a knife’ proposal ?