Lavinia Woods loses renewed bid to appeal sentence

Lavinia Woods loses renewed bid to appeal sentence

Photo from the BBC

The case of Lavinia Woods, the Oxford student who received a suspended sentence after stabbing her former boyfriend, caused quite a controversy at the time over the perceived leniency of the way that she was dealt with.

When it transpired that she was planning to try and appeal her sentence, the controversy dial was turned up a bit.

We explained why the sentence itself was actually a fair one in the circumstances, even though it seemed lenient on the face of it. Against that backdrop, there certainly didn’t seem any chance of her winning an appeal.

And so it turned out. When she applied in writing, the ‘Single Judge’ said no. Ms Woods, like any other defendant, had the absolute right to try to persuade a Court of two or (in this case three) Judges that her sentence was too high.

But we found out on 8th June 2018 that that attempt didn’t get anywhere. The full judgment has not been published yet. There’s no great point of legal principle it would seem, but because of the public interest in the case it may be published. If so, we will come and have a quick look at it.



  1. It’s always difficult when these sorts of cases get into the public eye as they can cause quite a stir. And of course, the general public may not know the ins and outs of the criminal law system so they may deem something to be lenient when actually it’s quite typical! Will be interested to hear any updates.