Lauren Cox – teacher jailed for 12 months for sex with pupil

Lauren Cox – teacher jailed for 12 months for sex with pupil

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We covered the case of Lauren Cox, the 27 year old teacher who pleaded guilty to five (or maybe four) counts of sexual activity with a child under 18 in a position of trust.

We said that we thought the sentence would be in the region of 15-18 months, which careful consideration as to whether it would be suspended. How did we do?


Factual background and sentence

Ms Cox first met the victim when he was 13, but although it appeared there was an element of inappropriate closeness, nothing happened until the boy was 16.

At that point Ms Cox began a sexual relationship with him (including full intercourse) over a 6 month period in 2015, before the victim’s mother because aware of this and reported it to the police.

There was an investigation (it appears that the victim may not have co-operated with this, and so other avenues were pursued).

It seems that Ms Cox received a sentence of 12 months on 3 counts (concurrent), with 8 months on two others (again concurrent) that were presumably not involving full penetration.

The Judge indicated that he was not able to suspend the sentence.


Comment and why was it not suspended?

We obviously got the sentence a bit wrong – it seems that the Judge followed the Guidelines to the letter (p68), giving full credit for the plea of guilty. Neither party would be able to argue with the sentence, and we doubt that any appeal would be successful.

As to why it was not suspended, it is depressing that 13 years after the passing of the 2003 Act there is still no real guidance as to when a sentence can or should be suspended.

We suspect that this is due to concern that it would be a hostage to fortune, and the Court of Appeal (and Crown Courts) would be deluged with appeals from people who received immediate custodial sentences. That, although understandable, is less helpful that it could be to Courts and practitioners.

Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.


  1. Adam Johnson gets 5 years for touching, Ms Cox only gets 12 months for full intercourse. She got off very lightly.

  2. Regardless of whether she had sexual intercourse with him at 16 or 15 she has still committed a criminal offence as a person in a position of trust. Sending him graphic sexual images of herself, kissing and sexual touching is still child abuse. Digital penetration cannot be dismissed, if that is what occurred, just because the minor is doing it to a consenting adult. That is still child abuse. She has got off lightly and attributions of harm cannot be marginalised because she is female and cannot be charged with Rape.