John Allen guilty of historic sex abuse

John Allen guilty of historic sex abuse



John Allen, a 73 year old former care home worker, stood trial in November 2014 on a 40 Count indictment (that’s a lot more counts than would usually be expected, to say the least).

In the end, he was found guilty of 33 out of the 40, being acquitted of 2 and the jury being unable to agree on 4, and which he was formally acquitted of on 28th November 2014. If the maths don’t add up, then that’s because one offence was an alternative.

According to the BBC, “it is the first trial held as part of the Operation Pallial investigation which has identified 120 potential suspects”, so this may keep Mold Crown Court busy for many years to come.



The time period of the offending was from the late 60s to the early 90s. The offences were stated on the Guardian website as being 29 counts of indecent assault, nine other serious sexual assaults and two counts of indecency with a child“. 

And, nope, we don’t know what a ‘serious sexual assault’ is. It’s an oft-used phrase, but is not a legal definition of an offence. Fortunately, the Mirror are not quite so squeamish, and we know that this is a euphemism for buggery and/or attempted buggery (at the time, rape only meant vaginal rape of a woman). We’re still none the wiser why it can’t be named as what it is.

In 1996 he had been convicted of the indecent assault of six boys in the 70s. He still denies these offences, but the jury hear about them.

The jury took a long time with their verdicts. After a week they returned one set – guilty of 26 offences and not guilty of 2.

The next day, 27th November 2014, he was found guilty of seven more and was discharged from giving a verdict on the remainder.



Has been adjourned until Monday. We will have a look at it then, when hopefully there will be more information. Accordingly to the news reports, Mr Allen has been warned that he faces a life sentence, which we would be surprised at given the last offence was more than twenty years ago, but we will see.




Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.