Iain Farrimond – Senior Crown Prosecutor struck off after trying to kill...

Iain Farrimond – Senior Crown Prosecutor struck off after trying to kill his wife


Back in October 2016 we looked at the case of Iain Farrimond, a senior Crown Prosecutor who was jailed for 6 years for the Attempted Murder of his wife.

After that, as a solicitor, his case was considered by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority). When the case went to the Tribunal, he received an indefinite suspension (rather than being struck off).

The normal course for a solicitor who is convicted of a criminal offence, at least for one of the seriousness that Mr Farrimond pleaded guilty to, is that they are struck off.

And so the SRA appealed and, on 21st February 2018, its appeal was allowed – see here for the news report and here for the judgment.

It will still be open to Mr Farrimond, when he is released from prison, to apply to go back on the roll and given the medical issues it appears that that may not be an impossibility. But for the moment, and the foreseeable future, that is the end of Mr Farrimond’s legal career.



  1. Comment by Sir Brian Leveson – Furthermore, the work of a solicitor, in whatever field he or she practises, inevitably involves a degree of stress and the public must be able to expect that those whom they consult are not so susceptible to mental ill health that they are at risk of behaving as Mr Farrimond did, however difficult the work might become.

    I’m no expert but this suggests to me that Sir Brian does not have a particularly good understanding of mental health issues?

  2. The UK law completely ignores “new fangled ideas” the progress in psychology over the last century.

    Just look at “Cassandra syndrome” which is accepted in Australian courts but totally ignored by UK courts in cases of domestic violence.

    1 in 100 people in UK fall within Austism spectrum, most murders are committed by people who are in this category.

    But does the “swift moving & flexible” BCL reflect this…