Gayle Newland – ‘I was pretending to be a boy for a...

Gayle Newland – ‘I was pretending to be a boy for a variety of reasons’

Photo from the BBC/PA

We have looked before at the case of Gayle Newland, who is up for sentence on 20th July 2017 (next Thursday) following her conviction at a re-trial of various sexual offences where she (to cut a very long story very short) was convicted on the basis that she had deceived another woman about her sex, claiming to be a man.

A heads up for anyone interested in it – there is a good, and fairly in depth, article in the Guardian yesterday (as in Saturday 15th July) by Simon Hattenstone.

It is quite a sympathetic piece, and does a good job of making Ms Newland (and the other people involved) a three dimensional person. He was at the trial and you get a good sense of the trial process generally and the complexities of this case in particular.

We will have a look at what sentence Ms Newland gets on Thursday. As the Judge said, it’s hard to avoid anything other than a lengthy custodial sentence, but it does seem likely that she will get considerably less than the 8 years that she did last time.



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