Gaston Pinsard – 96 year old jailed for historic abuse

Gaston Pinsard – 96 year old jailed for historic abuse


We have had a look a couple of times at who the oldest person in England and Wales to be sent to prison. There was Marcus Marcussen, a 91 year old who is currently serving a nine year sentence, who is the oldest person we are aware of who has been sent to prison. And we are keeping our eye on Jack Mount, who will stand trial next January at the age of 96.

Well, Guernsey has set a new record for the British Isles. On 9th April 2015 Gaston Pinsard (a Jersey born resident of Guernsey) received an 18 month prison sentence in the Royal Court (effectively the equivalent of the Crown Court) in Guernsey.

This was due to the fact that “on a number of occasions from 1951 to 1955 and 1964 to 1969” he indecently assaulted two girls aged between 5 and 8. It seems that the offending stopped then and there are no other incidents.

Guernsey is a separate jurisdiction with its own law, so there is a limit to the amount that we comment on the sentence. It is interesting that the sentence was discounted from 7-9 years to 18 months due to Mr Pinsard’s age.

It does raise the difficult question of how you punish people in their 90s who are no longer a risk (and given there has been no offending for 45 years, and given his age, that is clearly the case here). Have the Court here got it right, or is the sentence too harsh or too lenient? Over to you …

Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.


  1. Reading the “confession”, I read one report where he is quotes as saying he was a “little devil”. Not sure if he isn’t senile and having been living on the Haut de la Garenne island, become rather self-suggestible. Prison might be cheaper than a care home and at least he won’t have to sell his house to pay the fees.

  2. No it’s wrong the complainers should do somethin before waiting untill someone is in their 90s that’s sick and some folk will do anythin for compo it’s disgusting leave old ppl alone ffs anybody who can jail an old man is a disgrace to Humanity end of !