Drunk plane passenger strips naked on tarmac at Manchester airport

Drunk plane passenger strips naked on tarmac at Manchester airport

Image taken from the Daily Mail

A drunk 52 year old – also described as ‘burly’ and ‘tattooed’ – was tasered by police after removing his clothes, including his underpants, and urinating at the side of an airport building.


Picture the scene, you’ve been on a lovely holiday to Malta. The weather was good, the beaches were quiet as the kids are back at school and you’ve topped up your tan. To delay the post holiday blues, you have a drink (or five) on the plane on the way back to Manchester…

As reported by the press association, a man became abusive mid-flight, swearing at fellow passengers. So disruptive was his behaviour that the captain left the cockpit to speak to the man. It then appears the plane landed and the passengers disembarked onto the tarmac. At this point, it was reported that the man stripped off and was slapped in the face by a female passenger. This appears to have prompted him to get re-dressed. At some point, the man urinated on the side of the airport building before making his way to the baggage collection area.

Before he could do so, police caught up with him and ‘dry tasered’ him –  The Guardian state that this is where the gun is held against the target to cause shock and pain – when he refused to cooperate.

The man was then given a fixed penalty notice. It would appear that this was for being drunk in a public place, although this is just an assumption.

Lyndon is the General Editor of Current Sentencing Practice and the Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)


  1. Why pixelate the photo? I find the tattoos more upsetting than the sight of any natural part of a human body. This is just the press perpetuating the myth that someone will die if they see a picture of human genitals.
    I have 3 pilots in my family, who tell me that since 9/11 it is common to all airlines’ operating procedures that in the event of passenger trouble the flight crew do not get involved, and keep the flight deck door locked shut. So why the pilot tried to intervene I don’t know. I’d say he stands a good chance of a reprimand or worse for potentially endangering the flight.

  2. By the way, is it an offence to be ‘drunk in a public place’? I thought it was only an offence to be disorderly.

  3. Urgh yuck thank goodness for pixelation I was eating my lunch and unsure how to explain the reasons for projectile vomiting to those around me.

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    Of course neither had anything to do with the arguments in play, but as a girlie I guess you don’t understand the meaning of ‘playing the man rather than the ball’.

  6. Well, I enjoyed the story and the equally just as interesting battle of the sexes between Duncan and SIsterhood.

    Oh how wonderful to be home. What a hilarious story.
    You gotta love the Brits abroad.

  7. Sisterhood, Duncan, – in that order because that is the order in which you first posted to this one – please both grow up.

    • Let me be clear about this Andrew, Duncan is in no way going to bait, insult or attempt to victimise me. If he does, as he has been doing since I disagreed with him about the naked rambler, I will defend myself in kind And the nerve of him attempting to portray himself as a victim but that is the style of the abusive personality in men they abuse and then they blame their victims. I am not going to allow history to be rewritten on this. Read his comments about me (those which have not been deleted by the moderators) you will see this is exactly what he did and for the most part I ignored him but when he went too far, and caught me on the wrong day, he got it back and he got it good for which I am wholly unapologetic.

  8. My profound apologies, Sisterhood, indeed you did not. Duncan did. Please consider my message repeated with the names in the opposite order.