Daniel McBride jailed for life for murder of Majella Lynch

Daniel McBride jailed for life for murder of Majella Lynch

Photo from the BBC


We covered the case of Daniel McBride when he was convicted of the murder of Majella Lynch on 29th July 2015. We suggested that the sentence would be life imprisonment with a tariff set at just under the 30 year mark, to ‘somewhere around 28 years‘.

So. How did we do?



We don’t have the sentencing remarks, but going from the BBC report, the Judge said that “This was a brutal, merciless, horrible and disgusting crime on an essentially decent but very vulnerable woman in the privacy of her own home.

Further, on the night of the crime, Mr McBride was “undoubtedly looking for sex” of a “perverted, violent” nature.” There was some further details in this news report. We were told that Mr McBride had “used cocaine at least four times in the last 24 hours, which the judge said would have “rendered him impotent and the use of the shampoo bottle involved simply playing out for his own perverted satisfaction”.

Mr McBride refused to leave his cell for the sentencing hearing (not an uncommon thing to happen), which the Judge was not impressed by, although it would not have increased the sentence.

In the end, Mr McBride received a tariff of 29 years. This is pretty similar to the sentence that we had predicted.

We will keep an eye out as to whether there is an appeal, against either conviction or sentence (or both).

Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.