Daniel McBride guilty of ‘shampoo bottle murder’

Daniel McBride guilty of ‘shampoo bottle murder’

Photo from the BBC


On 18th April 2014 Majella Lynch was taken to hospital with severe stomach pains. A 400ml shampoo bottle was removed from her abdomen, but she died two days later.

More than a year later Daniel McBride stood trial for her murder – it was alleged that he had committed a ‘perverted sexual assault’ on Ms Lynch that left the shampoo bottle inside her, and that this was the cause of death.

On 29th July 2015, Mr McBride was convicted of murder.

The background, and exact details, are a bit unclear. It seems that Ms Lynch was vulnerable – she was ‘a chronic drinker’ with a chaotic lifestyle. In hospital she refused to give any details of what had happened to her, but apparently confirmed that she had been assaulted.

Mr McBride “had admitted to an acquaintance that he enjoyed sex with older women and that in April last year he had viewed “extreme violent pornography”, the prosecutor told the jury“.

In relation to the offence, he denied being the cause of any injury to Ms Lynch, or even having any contact with her. Although he accepted that he had lied to the police about not going round to her flat in the night in question.



Mr McBride will be sentenced tomorrow (30th July), and we will revisit it then.

Having been convicted of murder, the only possible sentence is life imprisonment. The question for Mr McBride is how long will the tariff – the length of time before Mr McBride can be considered for release – be?

Here, it would probably be the case that the crime will be seen as having a sexual motive. This will give a starting point of 30 years. Without having more details of the office, it is hard to say whether this would go up or down, but we would expect a slight reduction from that in this case, to somewhere around 28 years.


Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.