Constance Briscoe loses appeal bid

Constance Briscoe loses appeal bid

Photo from the Guardian

We covered the case of Constance Briscoe, the barrister a part-time Judge who was convicted of Perverting the Course of Justice and sentenced to 16 months in prison last year.

Given that that caused the end of her career, it is unsurprising that she wanted to appeal the conviction. On 8th July 2015, we found out that the Court of Appeal refused her application. We have a fact sheet on how the appeal process works here.

From the news reports, it seems that there was possible ‘fresh evidence’ in relation to the computer evidence. The Court of Appeal decided that it wasn’t fresh (it could have been obtained during the trial) and in any event, it would not have changed the verdict.

It seems that she had already been refused an appeal on the papers, and this was the last roll of the dice. Whatever your view on her (and she was very much like the marmite of barristers), it is a very sad end to her career. And even this is a situation of her own making, it is hard not to feel sorry for her.


Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.


  1. For a lawyer to pervert the course of justice, and not even by omission, she deserves not one iota of sympathy.

    Let us hope this is the last we hear of her, and that she doesn’t end up with a media career a la her partner in crime Vicki Price

  2. The first time I even heard about Constance Briscoe was about three years ago. I shall describe this to the best of my memory.

    I used to subscribe to The Times, before I got sick of the populist authoritarianism and moral panic it shares with almost all other media.

    An ‘interview’ appeared one day in The Times with Ms Briscoe. I use quote marks because it was really a hagiography described as an interview. I used to reject the idea of the ‘metropolitan elte’ but here it was really to be seen at work. A couple of pals scratching each others’ back, dressing it up as an ‘interview’ in the Newspaper of Record, and hoping the scum in the provinces swallow it.

    At one point in said ‘interview’, Briscoe arrogantly patronised the waiter serving them tea in some posh cafe, snearing ‘dearie’ at him. The ‘interviewer’ fauned. How confident! How poised!

    Now, I never normally set much store by comments under newspaper articles (yes I see the irony here), but what happened next was interesting. At some point, possibly even in the headline, the article had described Ms Briscoe as a ‘senior judge’. A commented pointed out that she was in fact a junior recorder (hope I’ve got the terminolgy right). After that, the deluge, as commenter after commenter slated the hagiography and innaccuracy of the article, and the arrogance and sneeringness of the subject, all dressed up as ‘confident’ and ‘successful against the odds’ etc etc.

    Within an hour all of the comments had been deleted and the thread closed. I had never seen that before or since in all the time I was a subscriber. I emailed to ask why. No response.

    No, no sympathy. In my opinion, an arrogant, nasty piece of work.

  3. What Constance Briscoe achieved and how she achieved it made her one of my heroes and she still is – despite her wrongdoing. It is very sad how one foolish error of judgement (such as any of us might make) can ruin an entire life and career. I don’t believe we’ve heard the last of Constance she’ll reinvent herself I’m sure.

  4. I wish the woman no harm but if she is going to reinvent herself it won’t be as a lawyer. A period of silence and humility is called for.

  5. If her career is destroyed, she is simply paying a price for those whose life she had crippled. Her own mum is one them. She appears a compulsive liar and fraudister who is prepared to do anything for money and popularity. Now it appears she falsified medical documents in order to prop up her claim of abuse against the libel action brought against by her mum. This kind of people need no sympathy whatsoever.

    • I hear what you’re saying however one of the other children in the family testified to the abuse they were subjected to by their mother would they both lie?

  6. What if they did? How can that justify what she did decades later which sent her to prison? How is it even relevant.
    It’s sad, but she is the sole author of her own misfortunes.