City worker filmed snorting cocaine on London Underground

City worker filmed snorting cocaine on London Underground

Image from The Sun

On 23 June 2015, The Sun published a video of a man apparently taking cocaine on the London Underground. The man – as yet unnamed – was filmed holding a small “snap bag” containing a white powder, from which he poured a small amount onto the back of his hand. He then rubs the remaining powder onto his gums before snorting the powder.

He repeats the motion, while describing how he “just likes taking” cocaine and that he lives with his girlfriend.

The man – white, well-spoken, and in his 20s or 30s, stated that he works for a “data room provider” (companies that provide secure networks for finance companies etc.

He then appears to offer some cocaine to the person filming him; the offer is declined, to which the man asks “you’re not a cop, are you?”.


It appears that the man may well find himself in a spot of bother. Aside from simple possession of a Class A drug, the apparent offer of drugs to others in the carriage may well result in a more serious charge of offering to supply a Class A drug.

In these circumstances however, the supply is clearly not for financial reward and is often referred to as “social supply” – therefore it is no where near as serious as someone who more properly characterised as a drug dealer. Such cases are often treated as if they are simple possession offences, however having a supply conviction (as opposed to a possession conviction) on one’s record is obviously far more serious and potentially far more damaging to one’s career. Speaking of which, it may not be too much of a surprise if the man in question finds himself being handed his P45.

What next?

We presume that someone will name the man and that the police will become involved.

City worker, male, London, cocaine…how terribly cliche.