Christopher Copeland – 'Hope for Heroes' fraudster jailed

Christopher Copeland – 'Hope for Heroes' fraudster jailed



We looked previously at the case of Christopher Copeland who pleaded guilty to fraud on 28th July 2014. He had organised collections for the ‘Hope for Heroes’ charity, which he put into his bank account saying that it would be passed on.

However, ‘almost all’ of it was kept by him, giving rise to the charge to which he pleaded guilty to.


How did we do?

We said that, in relation to predicting the sentence, we’d “plump for a sentence of 4½ years“.

Pleasingly, the sentence passed was exactly 4½ years. We don’t have the sentencing remarks, but we presume that it proceeded much as we had anticipated.

It’s a pretty nasty offence – stealing from a charity – and the lengthy sentence is pretty well deserved in my view. It may well that there is an appeal, but we doubt that it would go very far.

Mr Copeland will now face confiscation proceedings where he will probably be relieved of any assets that he currently has.

Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.


  1. 4.5 years is nowhere near long enough for the damage he has done to the “Help For Heroes” campaign – Its not just the £300,000 he stole but the millions that now will not be Given !!