Aliyah and Lacquan Weekes detained for 'revenge rape'

Aliyah and Lacquan Weekes detained for 'revenge rape'



Whilst a woman cannot rape another person, it is possible for her to be found guilty of rape (in legal speak as a ‘secondary party’ – aiding and abetting the ‘principal’ – the man who carries out the rape).

This is very rare indeed however – no exact figures are available, but no more than one or two women a year we think. One example was given on 13th November 2014 when Aliyah Weekes was sentenced for rape, along with her brother Lacquan and an unnamed 16 years old.


The facts do not make pleasant reading. It seems that Aliyah was concerned that the 15 year old victim had been ‘telling secrets’ about her. This seems to relate to a previous attack that Aliyah had committed against another individual. In revenge for this, Aliyah arranged for her brother to rape the victim as a punishment, making this clear by saying ‘snitches get stitches’ before the attack started.

After that, “She also threatened to make the victim “do a line-up” – street slang for giving oral sex to multiple men – and warned her she would be hurt if she did not comply“. It seems that the whole incident lasted for about an hour.


We don’t have the Sentencing remarks, but we hope in a case such as this that has generated such public interest they will be published. We do know that Aliyah got 4½ years detention and Lacquan 5 years.

There aren’t any details of what the 16 year old defendant did. He got an 18 month Youth Rehabilitation Order, so it is safe to assume that he was very much on the periphery.

For the siblings, the starting point is the Sentencing Guidelines (look at page 10). I would have said that it would be Category 2 harm, not least on the basis that the circumstances constitute “Additional degradation/humiliation“. However, looking at the sentence, this would give a starting sentence double what was received, so we imagine that the Judge took it as being Category 3.

It is clearly Culpability A due to the planning and the involvement of more than one person. This gives a starting point of 7 years, with a range of 6 to 9.

Why then the seemingly ‘light’ sentence? There was no plea of guilty, but the main mitigation was the age of the two – 19 and 18 respectively at the time of sentence. This, along with the other personal circumstances, may explain why a sentence seemingly below the guidelines.

We have to say that, despite their ages, this sentence seems an extremely merciful one. It may be, of course, that there is more to it than meets the eye, but in the current climate we would not be surprised if the AG was sniffing around this one


Dan is a barrister at 2 Dr. Johnson’s Buildings practising in crime.


  1. 1) The way the age of the victim changes from 16 to 15 in two early consecutive sentences of this blog post, reminds me of one of the chapters of a (frankly, weird) 1982 erotic novel called Mantissa, by author John Fowles, in which a female romantic interest in (I think) the third of its disjointed chapters gradually gets younger and younger during the course of the relevant chapter. She started out sun bathing nude (having a pretty derriere) aged 16 or older. I stopped reading the entire novel when she hit 12. I was uncomfortable with the slippery slope thus constructed by wordsmith Fowles. (You see, I more-or-less gave up explicit sexual fantasies about twelve year-old girls when I ceased being an eleven year-old boy myself.)

    2) The BBC report said that the judge had said that he considered the older, female accomplice “principally responsible”, rather than the actual “principal” offender she aided and abetted. But she got a slightly lighter sentence!? Although I expect the allegedly misogynist MRA will pick a quarrel, presumably this gender asymmetry in the sentencing of classic joint enterprise felons is merely an ingenious application of the “my body, my choice” principle, more usually associated with the modern justification of the homicide of fellow humans whilst they are still young enough to need the hospitality of the wombs of altruistic mothers to continue their lives.

    3) The use of a sexual organ – made for lurv – as a *weapon* (even if your elder sister masterminds the crime) is a crime that I hope most people will continue to find exceptionally shocking until the end of time. However, mankind’s track record of inhumananity to man (e.g. Mary Ann Cotton) does not encourage any such optimism. Where are you, misandrist LES? You need to femsplain to us how important it is to teach boys not to rape! Puh-lease don’t let us down, by failing to remind us all of this!

    4) There is something exceptionally disturbing that I cannot even mansplain myself, with a fella having coitus in front of his sister, at her command, even *consensually*. Yuck!

    5) Poor parents! Two nonces, in one family!

  2. Comments later maybe, some of us have to work for a living and are underpaid for doing so by virtue of our gender (see what I did there).

  3. This is one of those cases which keeps me awake a night such as Ceri Shipman (who set up fake facebook accounts purporting to belong to the rape victims of her boyfriend in an attempt to frame them and free him and who came close to succeeding). In cases like these I do wonder what on earth is happening to my gender. So to femsplain it is particularly shocking and extraordinary when we see women behaving like men it appears to upset the natural order of things. A friend of mine had to attend her daughter’s school, a catholic school, because her teenage daughter was being bullied by other girls (not the boys) in her year she was being bullied it because she was a virgin the bullying was so vicious it sent the parent to the school to complain. We’ve all been teenagers (with one or two exceptions who are the spawn of the devil) so it’s true that most of the girls bullying were probably virgins too but were happy to join in rather than be picked on themselves. It is what is known as internalised misogyny it’s women adopting the traits of the society they see around them having accepted it as the way of the world and how they view other women and girls. No different to when you hear a woman say “what did she expect…” before sticking the boot in.

    Yes it disappoints me as a woman to see another woman behave like this, so much for sisterhood, it’s not entirely unexpected. I would say there is an additional YUCK factor to the brother/sister element of this crime and struggle to understand how she could stand by and watch a rape, which she had orchestrated take place. If it’s not the home, then it’s the company they kept but whatever the reasons it in no way excuses what happened here.

    • @ LES

      Rape is, in England, by *definition* a crime that only a man can commit (as principal), and of which only a woman or girl can be the victim. Therefore every rapist is male, and every rape victim is female. That facile observation is inevitable, given the legal definition of the offence.

      However, in the USA, there is a specific offence of “made to penetrate” to cover the situation in which a woman has sexual intercourse with a man without his consent. Research in the USA, shows that this “made to penetrate” offence is slightly MORE prevalent than “rape” (as defined in English law). She forces herself on him more often than he forces himself on her, in America. It is probably no different in the UK.

      It is bound to shock you to see “women behaving like men” (as you put it), *if* it causes cognitive dissonance, because your beliefs as to how men and women behave is based upon feminist myths that you have been taught, rather than upon the true facts of how men and women actually do behave in real life. However, as you have become a teacher of the myths yourself, I expect your emotional investment in the perceived truth of the myths you have been taught, and are teaching, that your beliefs are likely to be impenetrable to hard evidence (if you will pardon the subliminal metaphor).

      There is no need for you to live in fear of non-consensual sex, because there is very little of it going on. The drivers of vehicles pose more threat to pedestrians than typical men pose to typical women.