12 year old boys banned from every football ground in the UK

12 year old boys banned from every football ground in the UK


Two twelve-year-old boys from Newcastle have admitted throwing missiles during the aftermath of a Newcastle United v Sunderland football game in April 2013.  As a result, a Court has imposed three year football banning orders, effectively banning the boys from every football ground in the UK.

The boys were handed in to police by their parents following media reports of the incident, which erupted following Sunderland’s 3-0 win at the Newcastle United home ground.


The pair, who cannot be named as they are under 18 years old, have been banned from the city centre on match days and will have to surrender their passports whenever Newcastle or England play overseas.

Sara is a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers practising in crime.


  1. Alas, Sara, I am left wondering what the said thrown “missiles” were. Apple cores? Rotten tomatoes? Software-controlled smart-bomb cruise missiles, with Sarin-packed chemical warheads?

    Were they *home* missiles, thrown by twelve year-old Newcastle supporters disappointed at their favorite team’s humiliating defeat at home? Or were they *away* missiles, by throwing which three twelve year-old Sunderland supporters unwisely celebrated their team’s impressive victory, presumably because they weren’t wearing hats that they could throw into the air, benefiting from the statutory exemption afforded under the Missiles (Soccer) Act, for hat-shaped missiles, thrown vertically?

    Fancy being a police officer, whose job it now is to check international fixtures for the next three years, and temporarily to confiscate the passports of minors, lest the UK should become vicariously liable for a missile attack on foreign soil by subject of Her Majesty not yet of age. How dull was my own early adolescence, in comparison with that of these fellows’.